Welcome to the Hornby Tudor House on Anderson Drive

Welcome to our Website!

Our website/blog is always undergoing change, so please bear with us as we learn to build. We plan to have house information, pictures, trail maps, stories and more to follow. We hope to get the Hornbyisland.com site linked so that you can access the booking calendar. This would also be a great place where our friends can upload their Hornby Island experiences while staying at the Hornby Tudor House…so get out there and let us and others know what you found most exciting!

We’ve been working really hard getting the house ready for the upcoming Spring and Summer season in 2018. Things are getting busier for us during the offseason as well, so we are trying to get some of the little things looked after – like firewood! WOW that can be a challenge.  In preparation what looks like another potentially hot & dry summer, Scott and Al spent several hours and many trips to the Co-op, installing our drinking water cistern for the house as well as a new hot water tank. You’d be amazed at what you can find in the store!

Chanace spent her time pulling weeds and cleaning in the hard to get places. The yard is looking really good and we’ve clawed back some of the area through a 5 hour battle between the weed eater with a steel star blade and the thimbleberry….I know you’ll be back for more thimbleberry!

We’ve worked hard on getting the fence installed and updating the gates. We’ll finish the back and small front gate this Spring

The place looks great!

We’ll put some more time in on the May long Weekend in between time on the beach, rides on Mt. Geoffrey and the Big Race!

Oh and….we’ve heard from some of our friends…and listened. There is now a ‘masher’ in the house! Thanks to J&C and the boys for that!!


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We are outdoor enthusiasts and avid mountain bikers who enjoy Hornby Island so much that we wanted to share it with you, our friends.

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